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I would like to begin by asking you a few questions...

  • Have you ever declined an invitation because you lack confidence?
  • Do you sometimes feel nervous about speaking to new people?
  • Do you allow others to be rude to you?
  • Do you avoid attending formal dinners because you are worried about getting something wrong?
  • Does your posture let you down on occasion, and perhaps give a different impression to the one you would like to give?

If you answered 'yes' to all, or even just some, of these questions then please read on...


I'm Emma Dupont, the Founder of The Emma Dupont School of Etiquette | London

I am London’s leading certified British etiquette coach, and I specialise in teaching ladies how to become elegant, confident and composed through acquiring knowledge of British etiquette.

I frequently work with women from all over the world through various courses that I run throughout the year in London, UK.

My signature programme, the Ladies' Three-Day Etiquette & Empowerment Course, offers women the opportunity to acquire the necessary attributes, enabling them to be successful in both their social and business lives, from handling challenging people to feeling confident and assured at social gatherings.

I am so pleased to now offer this course as an online training programme, so that those who are unable to travel to the UK can learn these life-enhancing skills from the comfort of their own home, wherever they live in the world.

My passion is helping ladies increase their confidence, enabling them to achieve their goals and ambitions

Some of the changes my clients have experienced as a result of taking this course:

  1. Maintaining authenticity whilst becoming the woman that they wish to be
  2. Gaining clarity on what is acceptable behaviour in the UK
  3. Developing a polished and elegant persona by carrying themselves well
  4. The ability to walk into a room of strangers and make conversation
  5. Promotions at work as a result of their new skill set
  6. The ability to understand the rules and decode situations
  7. Enjoyment of dining well in all social and business scenarios
  8. Understanding different cultures and showing empathy to others
  9. Moving through life with positive energy and attracting more opportunities
  10. Being an inspiration to other ladies and building new friendships

You will learn the following:

Module 1

Poised Introductions

The most important lesson of all, this module sets the foundation of social confidence; how to greet someone correctly, tips for remembering their name, alternatives to shaking hands and social kissing, introducing people correctly in accordance with rank and, of course, what subjects to talk about when meeting new people.
  • Lesson 1 - Greeting people respectfully

    * Why first impressions are so important

    * How to correctly introduce yourself

    *How to shake hands and social kiss

    *Alternative post-Covid-19 greetings

  • Lesson 2 - Addressing people correctly

    * How to remember someone's name

    * How to address someone

    * Understanding name prefixes and their level of formality

  • Lesson 3 - Initiating conversation

    * Why small talk is so important

    * How to begin a conversation

    * Subjects to talk about and subjects to avoid

Module 2

Social Graces

Building on from Module 1, this lesson focuses on giving you self-assurance when meeting people for the first time. From how to walk confidently into a room of strangers, introducing people to each other, working the room with composure, and excusing yourself from the party bore, with politeness of course!
  • Lesson 1 - Taking the initiative

    * How to walk up to strangers with confidence

    * When interrupting is acceptable!

    * Why we should all be prepared to speak to anyone

  • Lesson 2 - Being present

    * The importance of being a good listener

    * Understanding body language & signals

    * How to include others

    * What length of time to spend with each person

  • Lesson 3 - Working the room

    * How to excuse yourself politely but firmly

    * How to introduce people to others in accordance with rank

    * How to work a room effectively

Module 3

Graceful Deportment

Nothing eliminates a woman's elegance as quickly as poor posture. During this module you will learn about the importance of carrying yourself well, from how to stand, walk and sit with poise and elegance, to the difference between social and business scenarios ensuring you always give the right impression.
  • Lesson 1 - Standing with authority

    * The importance of core strength

    * The difference between social and business positions

    * How to know when posture is correct

  • Lesson 2 - Walking and sitting elegantly

    * The key elements of walking elegantly

    * The 4 recommended sitting positions

    * The difference between social and business stances

  • Lesson 3 - On the move

    * Entering and leaving a room with panache

    * Getting in and out of a car elegantly

    * Entering and exiting lifts

    * Ascending and descending stairs

Module 4

Stylish Dress Codes

Now that the inner work is complete, you will be ready to ensure that your sartorial choices match your sparkling personality! During this module you will learn about specific UK dress codes such as casual, smart casual, lounge suits (for both day and evening events), black tie and white tie.
  • Lesson 1 - Informal dress codes

    * Casual

    * Smart casual

    * Come as you are

  • Lesson 2 - Formal daywear

    * Lounge suits (business)

    * Morning dress

  • Lesson 3 - Formal evening wear

    *Lounge suits (cocktail)

    * Black tie

    * White tie

    * National dress

Module 5

Elegant Dining

From setting the table correctly to handling flatware properly and what to do when attending a formal dinner, you will learn everything you need to dine elegantly. But of course, knowing the rules doesn't mean that things won’t go wrong, they will! So, you will also learn how to eat awkward foods and what to do when there is a mishap!
  • Lesson 1 - Setting the table

    * Linens, tableware and centrepieces

    * Setting the table

    * Seating plans for formal and informal dining

  • Lesson 2 - Responsibilities of the host & guest

    * Drinks receptions

    * Arriving at the table

    * Napkin sizes & placement

    * Bags & evening glove placement

  • Lesson 3 - Dining with elegance

    * The different types of service

    * How to hold flatware & glassware

    * Toasts

    * How to eat tricky food

    * How to handle mistakes!

Module 6

Exquisite Entertaining

Entertaining guests at home takes confidence, from inviting the right mix of people, to choosing a menu and ensuring the atmosphere is consistent all the way through. You will learn how to be the perfect host, and, of course, the perfect guest, including choosing an appropriate hostess gift, arriving on time and how to know when it's time to leave!
  • Lesson 1 - It's all in the preparation!

    * Deciding which type of party to host

    * Choosing the mix of guests & seating plans

    * Deciding on the level of formality

    * Selecting the menu

  • Lesson 2 - On the day

    * Arrival time for the guests

    * Suitable hostess gifts

    * The importance of being a relaxed host

    * Pacing the meal

    * Choosing aperitifs & digestifs

  • Lesson 3 - Managing your guests' behaviour

    * Dealing with intolerances & allergies

    * How to deal with arguments

    * How to subtly ask guests to leave at the end of the evening!

    * Houseguest etiquette

Module 7

Sophisticated Communication

The way we communicate with others is an extension of our personal brand. During this module you will learn the importance of ensuring others feel valued and appreciated by putting pen to paper, from formal invitations and RSVP's, to thank you notes and building an elegant personal stationery collection.
  • Lesson 1 - Invitations

    * The different levels of formality

    * Choosing traditional or electronic invitations

    * Why the style of invitation is so important

  • Lesson 2 - Understanding invitations

    * RSVP meaning and responding correctly

    * Understanding when taking a gift is inappropriate

    * Dress codes

    * Arrival and finish times

  • Lesson 3 - Your stationery collection

    * Personalised letterheads

    * Correct salutations and sign offs for formal letters

    * Correspondence cards

    * Foldover notes

    * Mobile phone etiquette

Module 8

Decadent Afternoon Tea

A ladies journey into a world of elegance and refinement would not be complete without the quintessential pastime of British afternoon tea. You will learn about the history of this decadent meal, from how it came about 200 years ago, to how to serve tea correctly and, of course, how to eat each delicious element.
  • Lesson 1 - The history of afternoon tea

    * How the 7th Duchess of Bedford created this fashionable social event

    * How this meal was enjoyed by the different classes

    * The difference between afternoon tea and high tea

    * Dress codes & the tea gown

  • Lesson 2 - Afternoon tea etiquette

    * How the sandwich was created by the 4th Earl of Sandwich

    * Types of sandwiches and how to serve

    * The history of the scone & how to layer it correctly

    * Pastries & cakes

    * How to eat each element

  • Lesson 3 - Serving & enjoying tea

    * The history of tea

    * The marriage of King Charles II to Catherine of Braganza

    * Selecting a tea to drink

    * Steeping the tea

    * Serving the tea

    * Stirring and drinking tea correctly

As a result of this course you will:

  • Learn essential British etiquette, ensuring you behave appropriately and avoid embarrassment

  • Establish your own personal brand and become the person that you wish to be

  • Feel confident to take and create new opportunities in all areas of your life

What is included?

You will receive the following:

  • 8 Module Video Course

    Lifetime access to the eight module video course, led exclusively by Emma, with a total of five hours of training, covering the essential aspects of British social etiquette, along with guidance on how to develop elegance and poise.

  • Student Notes

    Comprehensive notes for each module which can be printed and referred back to in the future.

  • Mini Quiz

    A short quiz at the end of each module to test your knowledge and understanding.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Once you have completed the course a personalised Certificate of Completion will be waiting for you to print and keep.

  • Video Coaching Call

    On completion of the course you will be offered a private one-hour video coaching call with Emma to answer any questions that have arisen during the course. The call will be recorded so that you can refer back to it at any time in the future.

This course is suitable for you if:

  • You would like to improve your presence and impact on the world

  • You are going through life changes and would like to learn new skills to make this transformation complete

  • You value elegance, poise and composure balanced with being a modern woman with clear values and boundaries

A few words from ladies that have completed this course:

Enlightening Course

Melanie Cuttriss

I had such a good time doing the Social Etiquette and Empowerment Course online. Each module was presented beautifully by Emma and was a pleasure to watch. All eight modules were informative and interesting and very relevant to life today. I reall...

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I had such a good time doing the Social Etiquette and Empowerment Course online. Each module was presented beautifully by Emma and was a pleasure to watch. All eight modules were informative and interesting and very relevant to life today. I really do feel enlightened and well prepared for any occasion that comes my way, safe in the knowledge that I have good etiquette!

Read Less

Wonderful learning experience


Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I've learned tremendously!

Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I've learned tremendously!

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Elegant Dining Etiquette Module

Elena Krasnoperova

The course is interesting and helpful, it empowered me with necessary dining skills. Suppose it'll help me to be more confident during formal diners. Emma Dupont is amazing etiquette coach, she is pure elegance.

The course is interesting and helpful, it empowered me with necessary dining skills. Suppose it'll help me to be more confident during formal diners. Emma Dupont is amazing etiquette coach, she is pure elegance.

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Elegant Dining Etiquette Module

Life Oyewunmi

Very detailed

Very detailed

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Investment (including all taxes):

20% discount off the standard course price of £595

Offer ends Thursday 23 July 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the course for?

    Ladies of all nationalities who would like to feel more confident, poised and refined in social situations, by gaining knowledge of British etiquette. Ladies who value personal growth and require skills to help them live a successful, confident and well-lived life as well as inspiring others to do the same.

  • What exactly is included in this course?

    The course includes 8 video tutorials, broken down into 3 lessons each, led by Emma Dupont. Each module offers comprehensive notes to print and refer back to in the future, along with a short quiz at the end to test the student's understanding. A personalised Certificate of Completion once the full course has been completed.

  • How is this course delivered?

    The lessons will be available to you via this website. As soon as you join, you’ll be able to start the course. The next module will become available once you have completed the previous one, and you have lifetime access to the course.

  • How is this course different to other online etiquette training courses?

    While many etiquette courses focus on simply teaching the correct way to behave, Emma takes her students into a deeper exploration of creating confidence from within. This means that ladies will conduct themselves from a place of authenticity, rather than just appearing educated in these areas.

  • How much experience does Emma have as an etiquette coach?

    Emma has been trained and certified as an etiquette coach to the highest standard in the UK. She has been working in the etiquette and protocol sector for nine years, and has coached over 100 clients through her courses in London, UK.

  • I'm not interested in British etiquette, does this matter?

    Yes. Emma Dupont is a British etiquette coach and much of the tuition is focused on the correct manner of behaviour in the UK. However, the course is not just about acquiring etiquette skills, it will also coach women on how to be a confident, elegant and poised lady with good manners, which is a universal skill.

  • Is there a pass mark for each quiz?

    No. The quiz is there for students to see how well they are retaining the information.

  • Can I ask questions throughout the course?

    A one-hour private video coaching call is available with Emma on completion of the course. This provides the student with the opportunity to ask questions that may have arisen. Emma will be in contact with the student directly to arrange this for a mutually convenient time. The call will be recorded so that the student can refer back to it at any time.